Geneviève Royer
MLPC Candidate in Bourassa
Genevieve RoyerGeneviève is an educator. As a worker politician for almost 20 years, she has put forward the need to empower the people so that they can decide their own affairs. She says:

"We must deny the so-called big parties the mandate to exercise control over the political affairs of the country. Once the people control the decision-making power, they will put an end to the anti-social offensive, the danger of war, the criminalization of all aspects of life, as well as the negation of the sovereign  right of Quebec to decide of its own future," Geneviève says.

"We can achieve this by organizing to put the full weight of our collectives behind a political program of empowering the people to ensure every human being can enjoy the most modern living conditions and fully participate and contribute to society's development. The political status quo is untenable. This election is an excellent occasion to break with the old politics of the establishment which only serve the interest of the monopolies."

Geneviève is calling on everyone to join the work for democratic renewal by building renewal committees as a mechanism to work out and defend a program that ensures the well-being of workers, youth and the entire society.

Quebec Folksong
- Geneviève Royer, September 19, 2008 -

Looking at how the establishment parties -- the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP -- are behaving towards Quebec, one is reminded of a typical Quebecois folksong. You know, the kind of song where the young woman has to choose between three suitors, each promising her that he is the best that she will find. At the end of the song, the young woman tells her father that she would prefer to die or flee than choose a future with such unappealing prospects.

The Quebec people have a wealth of experience with these parties that defend the status quo and the negation of their rights, as well as the political process that protects them. The nation of Quebec and the peoples that comprise it know that the bright future they aspire to cannot result from a union with one of these suitors. This is why the work of the MLPC for renewal generates so much enthusiasm and positive response. Reaffirming the opposition to that which negates us and organizing for democratic renewal is the best way for the workers, the Quebec nation and the First Nations to win allies!

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