Dagmar Sullivan

MLPC Candidate in Mississauga–Erindale
Dagmar SullivanDagmar Sullivan has been active in the fight for democratic renewal for more than forty years. She mobilizes the people of Mississauga and Toronto against U.S. aggression and occupation and Canada's participation on the side of the U.S. She organizes in defence of the rights of the Palestinian people and of the First Nations and she stood side by side with the Six Nations people in their land reclamation struggle in Caledonia against the OPP and the threat to bring in the army. She actively opposes the annexation of Canada and the accompanying attacks on the legal and civil rights of the Canadian people, against the security certificates and especially the state terror against the youth in the case of Project Thread and the Toronto 18. She is active in the fight against the P3 hospital in Brampton. Dagmar says that the people of Mississauga have to organize themselves politically and take these demands to Parliament.

Guilty Verdict Against "Toronto 18" Youth --
Step Up the Work for Democratic Renewal
- Dagmar Sullivan, September 30, 2008 -

On September 24, Justice John Sproat found one of the "Toronto 18" youth guilty on charges relating to "terrorist activities." In the judge's ruling and through out the proceedings since the arrest of 18 men in June 2006 on "terror-related" charges, the issue of security, particularly in the "post 9/11" period, has been centre stage. The judge claimed his decision had to be made in light of the post 9/11 period we are living in.

Where does the threat to our security lie and where does our security lie?

With the "post 9/11" period the Canadian state has given itself the license to put itself above the law and act with impunity. Now the same state which has thrown out the rule of law is prepared to throw the book at this youth and those whom the Harper campaign are targeting as "young offenders."

The "Toronto 18" were arrested just shortly after the Harper government came into power. During that period, the government has continued to violate international law and commit crimes against the peace with its invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. It has been complicit in torture in both the Omar Khadr case and the Maher Arar case, as well as others. The draconian security measures it imposed on the people were found to be in violation of the Charter of Rights. Various international bodies have issued concern about Canada's treatment of prisoners and its own citizens. The Harper government has used its power to attack some of the most fundamental principles of civil liberties, such as with its security certificates which have resulted in men being held without charge for years, thus denied due process. The violation of international law and Canada's own laws and the use of the state to attack the democratic rights of the people at home and abroad have all been justified in the name of security.

While this youth is being painted as a threat to Canadians for stealing camping equipment as innocuous as a flashlight and is awaiting sentencing after already spending over two years in jail without trial those who have committed crimes against the peace and are attacking the civil liberties of everyone in Canada go scot-free and continue to use their power against the people.

Our security lies in the fight for the rights of all. It is the struggle of the people to defendtheir rights which is acting as a block against the drive of those in power. There is an ever urgent need to deprive those in power of the power to deprive the people of their rights. The democratic principles the people have given rise to have to be renewed by the people themselves. The need to effectively take up the issue of democratic renewal, putting the people in power to establish a just society that defends the rights of all, is the order of the day.

As the Marxist-Leninist candidate in Mississauga-Erindale, I call on everyone to take up the renewal of democracy by building renewal committees in their communities.

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