Frank Chilelli

MLPC Candidate in Bramalea–Gore–Malton
Frank ChilelliFrank Chilelli is a teacher in Peel region and very active against the criminalization of youth and students. Society must provide its youth with a bright future, including meeting immediate needs for well-funded schools, community centres and services, not jails and a "law and order" approach to solving social problems, Frank points out. He was active in opposing the construction of the Youth Super-Jail in Peel and is mobilizing the people against the "Safe Schools Act" and its recycled version under the McGuinty Liberals.

Frank is an anti-imperialist, staunchly opposed to the U.S. wars of aggression and occupation and Canada's participation in these wars.

Frank joined the Party in 1996. He organizes people in the riding to discuss and take stands on matters of concern, to defend their interests. The aim is to politicize and organize the people for democratic renewal, to be decision makers, not appendages of the parties of the rich.

TML Daily Articles by Frank Chilelli

The Death of Jordan Manners -- Who Is to Blame? - May 31, 2007

Why the Safe Schools Act Must Be Repealed - April 4, 2007

No to the Wrecking Activity of the McGuinty Liberals -- The Case of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board 
- February 13, 2007

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