Anne Jamieson

Vancouver East
Anne JamiesonAnne Jamieson is a Registered Nurse. She points out: "In my opinion, there are three main issues in this election: the war government in Ottawa, the need to oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Libya, the need to change the direction of the economy so as to ensure investments in health care and other social programs and the need for political renewal."

"Our healthcare system is in disarray because it has been under attack by those forces that want to wreck the public healthcare system in order to set the stage for privatization -- the transfer of public funds to private hands. We have a healthcare system dominated by the monopolies in the pharmaceutical, health, technology and labour contracting industries. We need to bring about a society that is health engendering and not disease-engendering.

"What will be decisive in bringing about change that favours people's interests is the human factor/social consciousness, namely, the widespread participation of people in a renewed political process so that people, not the monopolies and political parties that represent them become the decision-makers," Anne says.

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