Roland Verrier

MLPC Candidate in New Westminster-Coquitlam
Roland VerrierRoland has been a political activist since the 1960s when he and his co-workers got involved in the anti-war movement. He is fighting for an anti-war government, to get Canada out of NATO and NORAD and for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan.

As an apprentice electrician he led the struggle of the apprentices for improved working conditions. Over the years he has held various positions in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. As an electrician in the construction industry since the early sixties, he has worked side by side with workers from many countries and has seen the constant attempts of the rich to divide the workers. He has experienced firsthand the transformation of the construction industry on the Lower Mainland from industrial to non-industrial construction, and the destruction of manufacturing including the Fraser Mill which was once the largest mill of its kind in the world.

"The program of the MLPC to Stop Paying the Rich and Increase Funding for Social Programs is what the working class needs to build the nation and vest sovereignty in the people," he says.
"An important part of this program is the renewal of the political system in Canada. The current system in which the political parties of the rich dominate and decide everything on the basis of what serves the rich, is causing great harm to the workers and our communities. The crisis in manufacturing, the destruction of social programs, the establishment of a war government in Canada and the drive of the Harper government and all the business parties in the House of Commons, for the annexation of Canada to the United States, are all issues of great concern on which no worker has any say because the current political arrangements do not permit it.

"The MLPC is calling on the workers to become a political force in their own right. Join in the work for democratic renewal. Let us discuss what is needed  to defend jobs and manufacturing in Canada to build a self-reliant economy and to protect our natural resources from plunder by the rich. Let us work together to put worker politicians in Parliament who will defend our interests on the basis that our security lies in the fight for the rights of all."

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