Barbara Biley

MLPC Candidate in Nanaimo-Alberni
Barbara Biley is a healthcare worker and chair of the Comox local of the Hospital Employees' Union. She says, "The experience of Canadian workers, along with all the forces fighting against the rights of workers and all the people, clearly shows that what is blocking the forward movement of Canadian society is our political marginalization. Our political system needs renewal to put an end to the situation of political parties acting as gate-keepers to keep power in the hands of a privileged elite and out of the hands of the people." As one of the local leaders of the fight against the wrecking of the healthcare system, Barbara stands for increased investments in social programs including healthcare and the prohibition of private profit in healthcare.

A Call to the Workers of Nanaimo-Alberni to
Join the Work for Political Renewal

- Barbara Biley, September 26, 2008 -

Coastal communities in British Columbia have been severely impacted by the crisis in the forest industry. Between the changes in provincial forestry policy brought in by the Campbell government in 2003 and the Softwood Lumber Agreement signed by the federal government in 2006, thousands of jobs have been lost and almost every mill closed while the forestry monopolies strip the forests and ship raw logs out of the country.

Forestry and mill workers and their allies have protested and put forward their demands for an end to the wrecking of the industry and the pandering of governments to the demands of the monopolies for unfettered access to the forests without any concern for the future or the workers and communities. Far from changing course and upholding the rights of the workers to jobs and to safety and security, by developing policies that protect the forests and continuously develop manufacturing, the politicians of the rich are doing everything that the monopolies demand. Now the monopolies are being allowed to break off parcels of prime timber-growing land and sell it to developers.

The crisis in healthcare, including both cuts in services and increasing privatization, is also of deep concern to the workers in Nanaimo-Alberni. The same provincial and federal governments who are wrecking the healthcare system try to create a mystery about where the funds for healthcare come from. They come from the wealth created by the workers in primary and secondary industry. If that is destroyed of course there is a 'crisis' in healthcare. The unsustainability that has to be addressed is the situation in which the claims of the monopolies trump the rights of the workers and people. That has to go!

The federal election brings to the fore the underlying problem that the workers face, that we have no voice and no participation in making the decisions that concern the forest industry, or healthcare, or anything else. The producers of the wealth and those who provide the services have no say in how the society is organized. This can't go on. The need for fundamental change to the political process so that we, the workers, get organized politically, select candidates who we know from amongst our peers and elect worker politicians who will defend our interests and be accountable to us, is immediate.

I am a healthcare worker and the candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada for Nanaimo-Alberni. The MLPC invites all the workers and all the electors to join in the discussion of the real problems that face us and get organized politically in defence of our interests, for the empowerment of the people.

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