Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell

MLPC Candidate in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon
Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell is a practicing lawyer in the Fraser Valley who stands for democratic renewal of the political process. She represented the MLPC as intervenor in the Figueroa case which was a Charter challenge to the electoral law. On behalf of the MLPC, she argued that the existing electoral law gives to political parties rights which by modern definitions of the Charter and norms of international law should belong to citizens themselves. These modern definitions of the "right to elect and be elected" include the principle of "No Election without Selection," namely, the selection of candidates by citizens from amongst their peers as a key element in the program for democratic renewal.

Dorothy-Jean was born in Vancouver, studied at UBC where she was active in the movement against U.S. aggression in Indochina. She joined the Party in 1973.

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